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The snow flake floats

In winter, come quietly-

     It seems to be still that piece belong to season for late autumn in at yesterday " ' the cold wind attacked in one night, blow off originally several slices of very few maple leaves on the branch, temperature is lowered suddenly, understood that winter had already come silently originally at that time, had not just still experienced its slight chill in the air before oneself.

       Though it is cold in winter, I like this season very much. No! To be precise, I like four seasons, just slightly feel cold season this and is deeply in love with.

      Like it, just because there is heart to the expectation of a certain thing in this season, that is a snow flake. Expect snow flake descends slowly and lightly in winter - Happily greet the arrival of this season in expecting  

        Think about it carefully in fact, oneself like, watch snow flake it descends slowly and lightly to be still since winter of 04. In that winter, this of ours lasted a long time to snow, seemed in my memory it was the longest continuously ...

         Still remember, because what snows too enables the school for a long time and loses electrical power to return in the evening roughly
      We dash for the nervous high school entrance examination in candle light of flying away and beating  ...
         I have learnt foreign language that Take me to your heart which a teacher taught in the candle light
      Write those many examinations one in the candle light
         We have spent the cold night of one in the candle light  ...

    Also remember that having a class, I still looked at outside the window dully to snow at that time, see the slim and graceful snow flake in the sky drifting wantonly, fluttering all over the sky, seem one's own state of mind soar in those belonging to their own country free as them too. Everything is so sedate - Ta saw at that time I was so intoxicated into it, she asked me: See so seriously, very goodlooking? I exert oneself place nod just [whether Ta sit behind the I at that time ], still look at outside the window - Have seen the colored tree snow flake in the botany descending slowly and lightly on it and becoming the sparkling and crystal-clear ice-cubes finally, parcel detailed detailed branch that do, spend trees looking that becomes and moulds and moulds the ice carving ... Everything is the beauty like this - All these are results of that cold season too -   

Far too much bright memory belong to the snow flake waft season when fly to -       

      Gradually, pass by four seasons in expecting:
      Flower expected to burst forth in spring and having spring vivid green small grass of the breath very much, it brings the vigor of a life to people; The ones that are expecting in summer are rising one after another the cicada that a wave is exceeding a wave is chirping, although is rash and hot, satisfied that it brings a silk to people; Expecting a burst of cool breeze and maple leaf in autumn are descending slowly and lightly, it is dreary and sad to bring one kind to people; Expecting snow flake descends slowly and lightly in winter, bring me beautiful enjoyment ...

    I like all beautiful things, so pass by in expecting-

     Later, I, and she though in the same city, we see snow flake for that year all of us will send message ask the other side descend slowly and lightly for the first time, every winter in the same school It is snowing, have you seen? Felt someone accompanied me to think it was also a kind of happiness that the slim and graceful snow flake descended slowly and lightly at that time -

     Just there is not this kind of happiness sense again this year, but in any case, still expectant to it -

     Sometimes like writing one's own mood with some weak and sentimental characters, oneself in very realistic is an optimistic person reluctant to show weakness with perceptual and ultra reason, this is a dual character in my personality  

       These characters write to this and look forward to the winter for a long time, think that winter of snow flake can be regarded as real winter  

       So, I expect-

       Expect snow flake descends slowly and lightly in winter  
        Looks forward to that pure white snow flake   

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