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Rain - a thin one

Rain - a thin one

Rain, the rainwater is made at the eaves, pada pada, as the tears that are shed, like dripping the wound of lagging behind again

Wet weather, wet mood, wet heart. The state of mind is touching like drizzle, do not stop, can not look at the end.

It was vigorous, dull like water now once.

Thin, it is today's mirage phantom, yesterday's shade. It is a footprint that was once left, it was water that overflowed the wet wet seal that the riverbed was left, .

Thin, it was slim and graceful that everything came, the ones that came made people difficult to perceive. Like a stick of hair dropped gently, no one takes notice of, but I have seen, close the eyes, countless ties.

You think eyelash feather that he stick up slightly soak dew, blink close one's eyes, continue to hold like fibres of lotus root in eyelash badminton, because it is full and sad to dip in above, that is an experience in the past. I know your whole life has been already completely cool, I know your world is so quiet, I know your universe has been already unable to rotate. I know, I understand, but I am reticent, have nothing to say in reply.

You are also light, light and once dense.

Thin, in fact more too a bit no light, nothing but the dense excuse, the dense substitute.

I wonder why the total boundary of this song winds in one's ear: ' leave my sadness oneself, let you take away, hereafter have no longer in your beauty   '


Rainy day --Purple

    It is purple to like, because it is always remembered by me,    -------is more beautiful in the rain.

    The corner, depend on this purple umbrella, the rainwater arranges the open canopy, flow, smell Yu Xiang that remains in the air

        Outside the window, the rainwater is hit on the window, without rhythm, without melody, but pleasant, there is one kind of feelings firstly before becoming melody in love, like striking on the piano, a purple sorrow spring.

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